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Amine & Hamza

About us

Amine and Hamza M'raihi are two Tunisian musician brothers, playing respectively the oud and the qanun, the two major instruments of the classical Arabic music.

Since a very young age, the brothers were raised with classical Arab music which allowed them to develop an extensive mastery of their instruments. They have since evolved into diverse musical traditions including classical western music, jazz, flamenco, Indian, Persian music and many others. Amine and Hamza are leaders of a new voice into the Arabic music scenery; anchored in the classical Arabic tradition but opened on the diverse musical styles. They are the image of a new generation, proud of their multiple identities but open and tolerant toward other cultures.

Amine and Hamza have performed in many prestigious scenes all over the world, including the Arab World Institude in Paris, the BBC, the Medina Theatre in Beirut, and the Cairo Opera house. they have recorded and published seven albums featuring musicians from all over the world and from different musical traditions.

Their latest project, The Band Beyond Borders, dives even deeper in modern harmonies, hypnotic grooves and profound feeling, and features french clarinetist Blaise Ubaldini and swiss-indian violinist Baiju Bhatt, as well as polish bassist Lukacz and swedish percussionist Fredrik.

The band

Tour dates

Dates Tours Locations
2018-11-10 To Be Announced Italy
2018-11-09 Wunderkammer Trieste, Italy
2018-11-08 Faux Nez Lausanne, Switzerland
2018-11-07 Studio de l'Ermitage Paris, France
2018-10-12 MJC Chamonix Chamonix, France
2018-10-05 Théâtre de L'Échandole Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
2018-09-08 Arc-En-Ciel Villeneuve, Switzerland
2018-07-26 Les heures d'été Nantes, France
2018-07-11 Jazz à Vienne Vienne, France
2018-07-07 Rudolstadt Festival Rudolstadt, Germany
2018-07-06 Rudolstadt Festival Rudolstadt, Germany
2018-06-28 Au château, tribute to Pierre-Alain Bertola Nyon, Switzerland
2018-05-17 Afro-Pfingsten Festival Winterthur, Switzerland
2018-05-13 South Korea Tour South Korea
2018-05-12 South Korea Tour South Korea
2018-05-11 South Korea Tour South Korea
2018-05-04 Alhambra Genève, Switzerland
2018-04-20 Salle communale Renens, Switzerland
2018-02-24 Kreuz Nidau, Switzerland
2018-02-17 Chorus, guest Vincent Peirani Lausanne, Switzerland
2018-02-11 Udaipur World Music Festival Udaipur, India
2018-02-09 Museum Of Goa Goa, India
2018-02-08 The Quarter Mumbai, India
2018-01-27 Tropenhaus Wolhusen, Switzerland
2018-01-25 Kulturkarussel Stäfa, Switzerland
2018-01-24 Le Cheval Blanc Schiltigheim, France
2018-01-21 Teatro La Fenice Venise, Italia
2017-11-04 Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne, Switzerland
2017-10-21 Épicentre, Jazz contreband Geneva, Switzerland
2017-09-24 Église St-François Lausanne, Switzerland
2017-09-23 Materadio Festival Matera, Italy
2017-09-22 City Club Pully, Switzerland
2017-08-26 Jetée de la Compagnie Lausanne, Switzerland
2017-07-29 Usbada Jazz Festival St-Petersburg, Russia
2017-07-27 Kozlov Club Moscow, Russia
2017-07-15 Festival International de Hammamet Hamammet, Tunisia
2017-07-09 Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux, Switzerland
2017-07-02 Long Lake Classical Festival Lugano, Switzerland
2017-06-04 Festival Musiques Métisses Colmar, France
2017-05-21 Museum of Ethnography Zürich, Switzerland
2017-05-12 Locarno Folk Ascona, Switzerland
2017-05-03 Out & About Festival Bern, Switzerland
2017-04-29 Kutlurpunkt Flawil, Switzerland
2017-04-15 Journées Musicales de Carthage Carthage, Tunisia
2017-04-09 Panic Jazz Club Marostica, Italy
2017-04-07 Magnétique, Espace 2 Lausanne, Switzerland
2017-04-06 Studio de l'Ermitage, guest Vincent Segal Paris, Switzerland
2017-04-04 Cully Jazz Festival, guest Vincent Peirani Cully, Switzerland
2017-03-25 La Ferme-Asile Sion, Switzerland
2017-03-24 La Spirale Friburg, Switzerland
2017-03-20 Radio Paradiso, La 1ère Lausanne, Switzerland
2017-02-25 Moods Zürich, Switzerland
2016-11-18 Visa for Music Rabat, Morocco
2016-11-05 Jazz 11+ Festival Lausanne, Switzerland
2016-09-24 Studio recording for the upcoming album Katowice, Poland
2016-09-22 Médiathèque de Sion Sion, Switzerland
2016-09-16 Concert with Baiju Bhatt, Red Son Project BCV Hall, Lausanne, Switzerland
2016-08-18 Les Aubes Musicales Genève, Switzerland
2016-07-28 International festival of Jerach Jerach, Jordan
2016-07-23 Cosmo Jazz Chamonix, France
2016-07-15 Montreux Jazz Festival, guest of François Lindemann Montreux, Switzerland
2016-04-28 Concert à l'université de Lausanne Lausanne, Switzerland
2016-04-17 Café Robroz, Robras Zürich, Switzerland
2016-04-13 Jazz à Carthage Carthage, Tunisia
2015-11-14 Charity concert for Syrian refugees in Jordan Montreux, Switzerland
2015-11-08 Charratmuse Martigny, Switzerland
2015-11-07 Église de Saint-François Lausanne, Switzerland
2015-10-28 Aktionshalle Standzerei Baden, Switzerland
2015-09-18 Festival Delle Tradizioni (feat. Karima Nayt) Vicenza, Italy
2015-09-06 Festival des Musiques Juives (feat. Nathalie El-Baze) Lausanne, Switzerland
2015-08-22 Scènes du chapiteau Romainmôtier, Switzerland
2015-08-04 Festival Jazz en Rade Vallée-de-Joux, Switzerland
2015-04-01 Mini-tour in Russia Omsk and Krasnojarsk, Russia
2015-03-01 Red Sunrise Project (feat. Baiju Bhaat) Lausanne, Switzerland
2015-02-14 Iranian tour Teheran and Isfahan, Iran
2014-11-01 Ouverture du Festival des Religions, Saint-François Lausanne, Switzerland
2014-10-17 Musicport festival Leeds, United-Kingdom
2014-08-04 Festival de Sainte-Croix Sainte-Croix, Switzerland
2014-06-01 Chorus Club, RTS and Hemu (feat. Baiju Bhaat) Switzerland
2014-05-28 Festival Arkhe Bussigny, Switzerland
2014-04-16 Philarmonic concert Omsk, Russia
2014-03-30 Torino folk club Torino, Italy
2013-11-16 Teatro Comunale Udine, Italy
2013-11-15 Teatro Comunale Vicenza, Italy
2013-11-02 Jazz onze plus Lausanne, Switzerland
2013-10-19 Musicport Leeds, United-Kingdom
2013-10-05 Octogone de Pully, programmation Amdathra Pully, Switzerland
2013-09-26 Serbian television concert Serbia
2013-09-26 Saint-Gall concert Saint-Gall, Switzerland
2013-08-03 Festival del mare Polignano, Italy
2013-06-02 Printemps musicaux La Sarraz, Switzerland
2013-05-14 Faruk tunuz workshop Istanbul, Turkey
2013-05-05 Théâtre de la Reine Blanche Paris, France
2013-04-27 City Club Pully Pully, Switzerland
2013-04-20 Mozarthall Stuttgart, Germany
2013-03-24 Centre des loisirs et des cultures Martigny, Switzerland


Fertile Paradoxes

  • Spleen
  • Love Is An Eternal Journey
  • Brahim's Dream
  • Lullaby For Leo
  • The Quest
  • Café Tunis
  • Letter to God
  • Frozen Rivers

Perpetual Motion

  • Café Tunis (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • Ya Nari (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • Omar (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • Meni Nessi (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • All the Things You Are Not (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • Vis-à-vis Café Tunis (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • My Secret Garden (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • The Challenge (feat. Boston String Quartet)
  • Perpetual Motion (feat. Boston String Quartet)

Meni nessi

  • Confused
  • Wake up
  • Instrumental
  • A Little Story
  • Oh Father
  • Patience
  • I won't forget

Things may change

  • Pour Lui
  • Ez-Zahra Town
  • Pour Elle
  • Things May Change
  • Nous
  • Pour un Sourire
  • Ne Pleure Pas


  • Khabab
  • Afirou Ilaika Mink
  • Ya Rabou
  • Min Ajli Alamin Afdhal
  • Ahdi Mouhjati
  • Kitar Al Hayet

Ila Hounak

  • Awatef Khassa Jiden
  • Hams el Watar
  • Ishk
  • Ala Masharef Gharnata
  • Nassamet Shamalia
  • Nafha
  • Mihrab Al Houda
  • Ila Hounak

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